Our culture

At our core lies a steadfast commitment to our vision and purpose, which is ingrained deeply within our team's culture and values.

Guided by our business strategy, we are well attuned to our direction of travel and ensure that there are regular opportunities for everyone to be involved. This collaborative approach underpins our actions and decisions.

Central to this endeavour is the empowerment of our team members. They hold a distinct responsibility in shaping and propelling our growth, taking charge of their own development, performance, and innovative thinking.

Our values

Our values form a cohesive framework for continuous improvement and enable us to deliver quality work; develop the team through embracing new skills and talents; and foster a nurturing, rewarding and enjoyable working environment in which we respect every voice and contribution. This approach ensures that we constantly review and enhance our ways of working.

Our vision

We are committed to nurturing leadership qualities that align with the demands of the future. Collaboratively, we partner with those who share our values, we address issues that resonate with our vision and support the communities we interact with.

Our people

To ensure that we focus on building our capability and deliver continuous improvement, our people plan prioritises activities that invest in a work environment in which everyone can thrive. Our THRIVE model reflects this commitment. 

In practice, these steps solidify our commitment to practical progress, ensuring that every action, strategy, and innovation is firmly rooted in our purpose and dedicated to the betterment of our organisation and the wider community.