Our purpose


Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of our business. Each year we commit a minimum 5% of our time and resources to pro bono services and a further 5% to voluntary activity – this activity is measured for positive impact on the causes and communities it supports and on our team’s culture, morale and motivation.

The team is genuinely passionate about making a difference and having a positive impact on the wider world; it isn’t a chore or tick box exercise. We track and measure our time dedicated to this activity via a live timesheet and we seek feedback from the initiatives we support so we can better understand our impact.

We are a certified B Corporation (B Corp), reinforcing our commitment to the highest standards of business and aligning with our mission to be a force for good.

To become a B Corp we completed a rigorous evaluation of our whole business including our social and environmental performance. The accreditation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. We actively seek out opportunities to support local communities, and champion diversity and inclusion.

Our B Corp certification recognises our commitment to accountability, transparency, and valuing purpose, people and the planet, above profit, and commits us to long term consideration of stakeholder impact by building this into our company’s legal structure. 

Our B Corp journey


B Corp movement first discovered by the team and how it aligns with our purpose and values


First B Impact Assessment completed but not submitted


Areas for growth and improvement identified


We completed and submitted our full B Impact Assessment (and waited nervously)


WE BECAME B CORP CERTIFIED – scoring 101.2 in the process (well above the score of 80 needed to become a B Corp!) 


One year anniversary and delivery of the first CC Impact Report

2024 and beyond

Continuing on our journey of growth, adaptation, and improvement…


    Jimmy’s are incredibly grateful to Abbie for offering her time and expertise to create a video showcasing a recent project to increase the availability of support for those experiencing homelessness in Cambridge. Abbie was friendly, professional and dedicated and created a brilliant piece of film. She made everyone feel comfortable, answered any queries about the editing as well as making professional recommendations. We would be delighted to work with Abbie and Conscious Communications again in the future.
    Cat Strawbridge, Communications Manager from Jimmy’s Cambridge

    Conscious Communications made a huge contribution to Cambridgeshire County Day. The team used their knowledge, skill and experience to guide us on PR and media relations, marketing and communications, event management, brand development and much more. Conscious Communications offered us unlimited pro bono support for a year and in doing so helped us develop and deliver a highly successful Cambridgeshire County Day. Conscious Communications became key members of the Organising Committee and their contribution to Cambridgeshire County Day was absolutely critical. Thank you, Conscious Communications!

    Chris Parkhouse, Chairman of the Organising Committee, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire